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Buzz B-Gone’s Next-Gen Bug Zapper is On-The-Go Mosquito Protection That Works

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Superb Quality

Buzz B-Gone uses premium components in their manufacturing for superior craftsmanship and durability.

No-Hassle Returns

If you are not satisfied with your Buzz B-Gone product, you can return it within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

Quick Delivery

Get the Buzz B-Gone Zap delivered straight to your home. It’s simple to use and requires virtually no set up!

Features That Kill ……. Bugs!

The next-gen Buzz B-Gone has improved upon the previous model in so many ways. They listened to consumer feedback and delivered an even more effective product. This is the bug zapper you’ve been waiting for!

Attracts and Zaps, Dead!

With purple LEDs to attract bugs and an electric coil to powerfully zap them, you’ll rest assured that you and your loved ones can enjoy your summer evenings bug-free!

No harmful chemicals, 100% safe

It uses purple LEDs and an electric coil. Don’t worry! No more toxic bug spray with harmful chemicals. This device is safe and totally effective.

Rechargeable and Portable

The Buzz B-Gone Zap conveniently charges by micro USB and is compact enough to take with you anywhere. Spoil yourself with cordless convenience as you enjoy being bug-free on your deck, or at the park, or the beach, or the campground, anywhere!

Stand It or Hang It

Designed with a handy loop, this device can be set upright on a surface like a lamp or hung from nearly anything. There’s no need to be without it.

Enjoy Summer Without the Uninvited Pests

Did you know that mosquitoes are considered the most lethal animal on the planet towards humans. No other animal causes as much sickness and suffering to us as mosquitoes do! They can carry the West Nile virus, Zika virus, malaria, encephalitis, and more. And even though we live in North America, where the risks aren’t quite as high, mosquitoes still pose a lot of unwanted risks to us. Just ask anyone who has Skeeter syndrome!


Fortunately, there’s Buzz B-Gone Zap. This next-gen mosquito zapper kills effectively and naturally without using harmful chemicals. It’s easy to set up and can be used wherever you need relief from mosquitoes! It’s no wonder people are calling this device the ‘summer saver’!

How to Use the Buzz B-Gone Zap

Use the included micro USB cable to charge the Buzz B-Gone Zap. When charging, the LED indicator will turn red, and when the unit is charged it will turn green.

Turn the top rotary switch to turn on the device. You’ll hear a ‘click’ and the purple LEDs will turn on.

For the best results, place the Buzz B-Gone Zap in the area you wish to use and leave it operating for at least 2 hours. This will rid the area of any mosquitoes and other flying bugs beforehand.

What Our Customers Have to Say About Buzz B-Gone Zap

I’m taking my summer back
Listen, I get it – nobody likes mosquito bites. But for me, they were even worse. I get an allergic reaction to the bites, and the itching and swelling are unbearable. I tried a number of salves and lotions, but they were even harder on my skin than the mosquito bites! Thank goodness for Buzz B-Gone! It lets me enjoy the evening outdoors instead of being trapped inside like a prisoner.

Brooke K. – Detroit, MI
Louise D.
Portland, OR
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My dogs love lounging on the deck in the evenings, but the bugs feast on them and they hate it! I put my Buzz B-Gone Zap out with them, and it works like a charm. No more mosquitoes and the pups can lounge in peace.
Mark P.
Los Angeles, CA
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I knew Buzz B-Gone was the real thing as soon as I read the testimonials. It uses the same tech as the industrial bug zappers in restaurant patios that cost thousands of dollars. We sleep with the windows open, so I installed one in each of our bedrooms. I take one outside if we’re having a barbeque, too. It gets rid of ALL the mosquitos, and even draws flies and other bothersome insects, too!
Gary E.
Omaha, NE
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Was really skeptical that this gadget would work, but I must say I’m very pleased with it. It charges quickly and holds a charge all evening. My wife and I can enjoy our backyard drinks without being chased into the house by all the bugs! We’re enjoying so much more of our summer now.

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